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ReDeFi-ning DeFi 

Asset Backed Future Proofed

DeFi-ning Our Edge

EMCO Network, a pioneering Defi project, is set to revolutionize the digital and financial landscapes by leveraging its unique blend of real-world experience in precious metals and artificial intelligence sectors.

Addressing the challenges faced by users from low socio-economic backgrounds, EMCO Network aims to provide a novel platform to tap into their digital identities, generating financial opportunities while fostering organic online interactions. The project’s robust and sustainable revenue model is built on its strong foothold in the precious metals industry.

EMCO Network’s blockchain strategy is designed to bring a new level of transparency, tracking, and authentication to the precious metals sector. This initiative aims to overcome the industry’s inability to share sensitive information on a public ledger due to risk factors such as cargo interception. By ensuring the safety and integrity of the load, EMCO Network will promote transparency and validation of goods, benefiting all parties involved.

Our Team

Team Members

Years of Experience


Relationships Formed

We are a group of 10 entrepreneurs and professionals covering the following functional areas:

  • Precious metal sourcing, certification, refining and trading

  • Gemstones’ sourcing at origin, certification and trading

  • Auction procedures and auction sales

  • Commercial law, blockchain and crypto related law

  • Accounting and Financial Management

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Social media management

  • Business Management

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Distribution and logistics

  • Blockchain related technologies

  • Token design, tokenomics and digital shares

We are a multicultural and diverse professional team with an average of 20 years in-field experience. With some having been professionally active for more than 35 years, we are seasoned in creating value for society and the community in general. Together, we strive to make your investment consistent, reliable and safe.​

Main team members and part of our management council are:

CEO - Rafael Moravarona

COO - Erik Ramos-Paice

CTO - Renan Gil
CFO - Giselle Rodriguez
CMO - Michael Paice

Legal - Boy Hendriks, Yeronides Garcia

Tech - VicStar

Our Values


  • Transparency: We value open and honest communication with our community, and believe that transparency is essential to building trust and credibility in our DeFi protocol.

  • Innovation: We are committed to exploring new and innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the DeFi industry, and believe that our approach of using precious metals and minerals as a backing asset and an AI-based engagement farming protocol can revolutionise the industry.

  • Community: We believe that a strong and engaged community is essential to the success of our DeFi protocol, and are committed to building a platform that is truly community-driven.

  • Security: We prioritise the security of our users' assets and data, and strive to ensure that our DeFi protocol is built on a foundation of robust security measures.

  • Inclusivity: We are committed to creating a financial ecosystem that is accessible to everyone, regardless of their background, and believe that DeFi has the potential to democratise finance and promote financial inclusion.

By prioritising these values, we aim to build a team culture that is aligned with our mission and can drive us towards achieving our goals.


SaaS Rewards

The E2E platform will utilise AI & blockchain technology to empower users to interact with other areas of the wider web3 ecosystem to earn $EMCO rewards for their actions. Rewards earned through the protocol do not require users to have previously purchased or staked $EMCO to participate, providing a fair and inclusive benefit for positive and authentic interactions across the blockchain ecosystem.

Gold Backed 

EMCO Network NFTs allow users the ability to swap their tokens for Asset Backed NFTs. The assets that are assigned to the NFT can be held in the physical vault or shipped direct to the user for self custody. GOLD Backed NFTs will come in several tiers for both affordability and transportability.  Users will also be able to acquire other forms of Asset Backed NFTs including SILVER and GEMSTONES.

Cargo Ship at Port

Blockchain & Logistics for 

The move towards incorporating blockchain technology in the precious metals and gemstones industry is a significant stride towards ensuring transparency, trust, and efficiency within the sector. 

EMCO Network is building a blockchain that will pave the way for how information and settlements will occur for the precious metals and minerals industry. In doing so we aim to fix Issues with the lack of transparency, counterfeiting and fraud, inefficiencies in the supply chain, and regulatory compliance. Our blockchain solutions will provide a secure network that allows for immutable, secure, and verifiable transactions that will reduce costs and unburden risks across the industry.

We're building the future of DeFi 
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We cultivate the rarity in precious resources, from the earth and in the community, we are EMCO Network.

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